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We only recommend investments and insurances that are in the best interest of clients. We have never directed clients funds towards failed finance or property companies. Most of us spend 40 years working to secure our financial future; the most important investment you can make is to purchase appropriate financial planning advice.

Sheryl Sutherland, Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), the firm’s founder and principal has been involved with the financial industry for many years. Since its inception, The Financial Strategies Group (Financial Service Provider 28246) has grown considerably reflecting the ever increasing demand for inspiring, informative and empowering advice for women, couple's and SME's. We follow a process that enables its clients to make confident and informed decisions based on facts presented clearly and concisely. Our aim is to strengthen clients’ knowledge and awareness of the various opportunities available to assist the control of future prospects with greater certainty and security.

Begin to experience the serenity that accompanies financial responsibility and integrity – Mary Hunt

We offer a unique opportunity to participate in a planned and regularly monitored process that will enable your financial goals and objectives to be obtained.Whether you require ongoing income, or capital gain, business succession planning or risk monitoring, we make every effort to ensure your return is measured with the level of risk or security you, as a client, require.

All information is communicated to clients in jargon free, easy to understand fashion.

Our clients receive ongoing reviews, reports and portfolio monitoring. We have a regularly updated website and regular newsletters. Our carefully selected product suppliers provide excellent ongoing service in association with us.

We communicate clearly and regularly. All discussions are held in absolute confidence. We consult with other professional advisors such as lawyers and accountants on your behalf if you so request. All recommendations are in writing.

The most popular labour saving device is still money – Phyllis George

Fees can be paid either in the form of brokerage, or directly on an annual fee, report or hourly basis. This will be discussed clearly and directly with you at your first interview. For a free Disclosure Statement, simply click here.

The Financial Strategies Group can meet with you or some clients communicate by phone, fax, mail or email. The first point of contact enables us to access your needs which may extend from budgeting, to a full financial plan, a solution to a particular need, to help you reach a particular financial goal, or it may be a referral to another professional. We are dedicated to ensuring your financial strategy will achieve the financial independence you desire.

In our time and culture, the battlefield of life is money – Jacob Needleman


We feel DIY is achievable - planning is not rocket science. It is not so much what you know but what you do with what you know

Consider the following:

* Time - you need to set apart time to write your plan and implement it. You then need to take time to monitor, reevaluate and make any necessary changes.
* Quality - will the quality of your plan equal that which has been prepared by an educated and experienced planner.
* Research - Which investments should you have? Which insurances? How should your asset allocation be structured?
* Complexity - Do you need a mentor to stop you from doing stupid things like investing or cashing up at the wrong time?

At The Financial Strategies Group we offer the above four characteristics imperative in a financial advisory practise - TIME, QUALITY, RESEARCH AND MENTORING. Take advantage of the FREE first half hour consultation that we offer by calling 0800 64 MONEY or email sheryl@strategies.co.nz.

Sheryl Sutherland - DIRECTOR

Sheryl has a B.A (Otago) Dip F.A.C. (Otago) and a DipPFinPlan (Waikato) and is currently completing a Bachelor of Criminal Justice. Sheryl is a member of the PAA (Professional Advisors Association) and a Judicial Justice of the Peace.

Sheryl has appeared on TV and is a frequent radio interviewee. At a local level Sheryl has appeared on CTV and Newstalk ZB. She has run seminars throughout New Zealand presented at many conferences. These include various institutions such as universities, schools, government departments, polytechnics, Women in Business and other groups. For some years she wrote a regular column for the Christchurch Press and still writes for magazines such as M2Woman on financial matters.

Sheryl completed her first book ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ - Every Women’s Guide to Financial Independence' in 2005. Her second book 'Money, Money, Money Ain't it Funny - How to Wire your Brain for Wealth' in 2007. Her most recent book 'Smart Money - How to structure your New Zealand business or investments and pay less tax' co-authored with Martz Witty was published in March 2010. Visit http://www.moneysmarts.co.nz for more information.

Sheryl's Schedule 2017

Graduated with Bachelor of Criminal Justice (Canterbury)
Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace
Speaker at 'Investing is Simple - Just Don't Listen to the Media Presentation'
Community work with Christchurch Aunties

Sheryl's Schedule 2016

Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace
Financial Seminars to be announced soon...

Sheryl's Schedule 2015

Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace
Featured in The Press
Speaker at Business Succession Presentation in association with Chamber of Commerce

Sheryl's Schedule 2014

Guest speaker for “Orange Chair” public conversations at the Fendalton Library
Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace
Launch of new strategies.co.nz website
Guest speaker for the Garden City Rotary Club
Appeared on Newstalk ZB's Power Panel

Sheryl's Schedule 2013

Guest speaker for “Orange Chair” public conversations at the Parklands Library – Te Kete Wananga o Waitikiri
Launch of Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ - Every Women’s Guide to Financial Independence eBook
Launch of Money, Money, Money Ain't it Funny - How to Wire your Brain for Wealth eBook
Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace

Sheryl's Schedule 2012

Appeared on the Breakfast Show with Petra Bagust and Rawdon Christie
Appeared on The Yardstick on Newstalk ZB with Mike Yardley
Featured in several articles on interest.co.nz
Regular Financial Columnist for interest.co.nz
Featured in several articles on interest.co.nz
Continued community work as Justice of the Peace and Judicial Justice of the Peace

Sheryl’s Schedule 2011

Television Panelist on Newsmakers with Mike Yardley – CTV
Commenced Regular Financial Column for Women2 Magazine
Guest Speaker for the Hillsborough/Heathcote Women's Institute
Featured in The Press
Featured in several articles on interest.co.nz
Received Judicial Justice of the Peace accreditation
Received AFA (Authorised Financial Adviser) Accreditation. Financial Service Provider (FSP) 28246

Sheryl’s Schedule 2010

Publication, book launch and media interviews for third book, Smart Money - How to structure your New Zealand business or investments and pay less tax. Co-authored with Martz Witty. See www.moneysmarts.co.nz for more information.
Television Panelist on Newsmakers with Mike Yardley – CTV
Regular Finance Column in www.slynkey.com
Panelist on Newstalk ZB with Mike Yardley

Sheryl’s Schedule 2009

Guest Speaker for SWAP
Working on third book, Smart Money co-authored with Martz Witty
Television Panelist on Newsmakers with Mike Yardley – CTV
Regular Finance Column in www.slynkey.com
Panelist on Newstalk ZB with Ali Jones

Sheryl’s Schedule 2008

Commencement of blog http://moneyaintitfunny.blogspot.com/
Television Panelist on Newsmakers with Mike Yardley – CTV
Featured in MSN Money and Sunday Star Times
Regular Women on Air interviewee with Victoria Wynn Thomas
Regular Finance Column in www.slynkey.com

Sheryl’s Schedule 2007

Commenced membership with the NSA (National Speakers Association).

Appeared on CTV Newsmakers, Radio Live, Newstalk ZB, Radio Viva and Breakfast with Paul Henry and Kay Gregory.
Featured in Publications such as Sunday Star Times Magazine, Paper Plus Catalogue, and Doubleday Australia.

Guest speaker for Women in to Wealth Conference in Wellington.

Publication of Money, Money, Money Ain’t it Funny – How to Wire Your Brain for Wealth by Sheryl Sutherland, published by Longacre Press. Book launch 18th July 2007.

Writing for ezines such as www.slynkey.com and www.nzgirl.co.nz

Sheryl's Schedule 2006

Television Panelist on Newsmakers with Mike Yardley – CTV, Radio Panelist on The Yardstick with Mike Yardley - Newstalk ZB. Featured in Publications such as Woman Today, Dunedin Public Library Magazine, Hawkes Bay Today, April book of the month on www.slynkey.com, Sunday Star Times Magazine, Sunday Star Times, The Press, Avenues Magazine, and Dominion Post.

Convenor for the Christchurch Women's Refuge Fundraising Committee.

Guest Speaker for EMA (Employers & Manufacturers Association) Northern 'Women Achieving More' Event in Auckland

Sheryl's Schedule 2005

Publication of Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ - Every Women’s Guide to Financial Independence by Sheryl Sutherland, published by Longacre Press. Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ book launch.

Featured in publications such as The Press, Sunday Star Times, Dominion Post, Sunday Herald, Next Magazine, and Her Business Magazine.

Guest Speaker for Institute of Chartered Accountants (Hamilton), Womens Legal Association (Christchurch), Department of Corrections (Christchurch), and Women’s Resource Centre (Thames).

Featured on Radio Stations such as Radio Live with Kerry Smith, Women on Air, Sunshine FM, Radioworks/More FM, Radio VIVA, Newstalk ZB with Mike Yardley. Regular Panelist on Yardstick – Newstalk ZB with Mike Yardley.

Her Business Network Co-ordinator (Christchurch) hosting guest speakers such as Carmel Fisher, Grianne Troute, Felicity Price, Brigit Blair, Liz Grant, Gwyneth Lee and Alison Aitken.


Tamyra Kourey - Adminstration Manager

Tamyra has worked for The Financial Strategies Group for fourteen years. Tamyra graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and is continually updating her skills by attending marketing and business courses.

She deals with investment and insurance companies on behalf of clients. Her main role is to solve clients’ queries quickly and efficiently. Tamyra also processes all investments and insurances, and makes sure that confirmation to the client is immediate either by phone, letter or email.


1. We’ll make responding to you our priority and we’ll deliver when we say we will.
2. We’ll be proactive in offering products and services that best match your needs
3. We’ll take responsibility for resolving your enquiries promptly and personally.
4. We’ll ensure that any complaints are resolved to your satisfaction.
5. We’ll tell you when fees and products change and explain why.


We have made five, very clear service commitments to you. Our challenge now is to live up to them. We realise we may not get it right every time, but we are determined to continually improve wherever we can.



L Williamson

"After experiencing a marriage break up ten years ago, I found myself needing some good sensible financial advice. Sheryl was fortunately recommended to me and immediately had me look at my budget needs-immediate and future money requirements.

I have found Sheryl to have an extensive knowledge of the markets and possess a passion in an industry which she seems to find incredibly exciting.
If you, like me, find the finance world hard to get your head around, then talk to Sheryl with her down to earth approach and appealing sense of humour."

Jennifer A. Henderson
School Teacher (Retired 35 years) & Small Business Owner (25 Years), Christchurch

"We all know about the need to save money but to take the initial step of actioning this can be easy to put aside as daily tasks take over. We all seek professional advice for many parts of our life but often find it not an option when managing our money for financial security later in life. A financial advisor who had qualifications was my choice.

After reading the regular financial feature in The Press 20 years ago I knew I had finally found a person that could help me with my financial security plans. Sheryl Sutherland was the author.

During the different stages of my financial management plans Sheryl has kept regular contact, offering well researched and considered advice tailored to suit my needs, by using a variety of short and long term plans with sustained financial growth.

Sheryl is a professional. Displays the highest integrity and while brisk and forthright knows that her plans are meant for you. She has continued to update her qualifications over the years and is extensively read on current and future monetary and world wide forecasts.

Sheryl maintains a personal interest in her clients and ensures the investments realise gains with well backed and secure financial providers.

After 18 years as my financial advisor I would recommend Sheryl Sutherland to all age groups keen to achieve financial security."

J Banks

"Sheryl gave me total confidence from the moment I walked through her door, despite the fact that I had literally no money or future plans at that time. I had recently read about her in both a newspaper and magazine article and had the impression she genuinely cared about women. I was extremely vulnerable and desperate for good advice at that time of my life.

Her empathetic attitude, obvious expertise and down to earth solid advice, gave me the confidence to take control of my own financial future.
Albeit, it very small steps, I’m now on my way to that goal. I have since introduced my daughter to her services and encouraged every woman I care about, to do the same. How I really wished someone had done the same for me when I was 20, BUT as Sheryl reassured me, it’s never too late to get started."

J Polaschek
Brisbane, Australia

"I like most, are very quick to complain about a service but do not take the time to complement good service. I would like to take the opportunity to do the latter.

After reading Sheryl’s book, Girls Just Want to Have Fund$, I decided I would look further into investing the money I had sitting in a savings account. I found Sheryl very easy to talk with and could tell straight away the experience and knowledge she had. I felt reassured that my needs were being tailored to and was not pressured in to any decisions I was not completely comfortable with.

I’ve heard of people making their fortune from investment returns and was advised that investments make both gains and losses so was happily surprised when my investments gained returns within the first 7 days. I have since seen good first quarter gains in all my investments.

I would whole heartedly recommend speaking with Sheryl to all women looking at investing. Sheryl has set up an inviting office with big soft chairs and lovely floor rugs which added to the feeling of ease I had when making my investment decisions."

R Waddams

"I have been a client of Sheryl Sutherland's for a number of years now - started off small and tentatively but with Sheryl's encouragement, my savings and confidence grew rapidly. As well, I also received an education about investments with her warm friendly style - couple this with a steely approach to the best deals, and you have a winner.

I highly recommend Women's Financial Strategies to anyone who is looking for quality advice and expertise on the best investment opportunities (and she has a really wicked shoe collection - check 'em out!!)"

S & C Dickel

"Sheryl was introduced to me at a University of Otago staff in service in 1992. She impressed me as a person who knew where she was going and how she was going to get there. I knew instantly that I could trust her with our future. Carl and I met her for a consultation and a sort out of our insurances and investments. Carl at that time was a school teacher and I was a Charge Nurse at the Otago University. Sheryl changed some aspects of our portfolio then and over the next 15 years, hassled us to save more reviewed our situation annually, sent out a written assessment with recommendations. Without this Guardian Angel and pain in the butt at times Carl and I would not have been able to relocate to the Gold Coast, have a freehold house plus two rental properties and Carl semi retired at 60 yrs of age with a superannuation portfolio. Thank you Sheryl and you team for enabling us to be on the road to financial freedom."


“Many thanks for the sound guidance you have given over the years trebling my initial investment. I have more than achieved my original goal thanks to you!”

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