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We work hand in hand with some of the leading investment managers companies from around the world to secure the best available investment opportunities for you and can design an investment portfolio suited to your individual need.

Situations change and markets and fluctuate. For these reasons we will continually monitor and fine tune your investment portfolio to ensure that you receive the best investment opportunities, and most consistent returns within our guidelines.

We have access to the following investment types:

Fixed Interest
Mortgage Debentures
Direct Shares
Unit Trusts
Managed Funds
Hedge Funds
Capital Protected Funds


Currently women are not big buyers of insurance, lagging behind men in the range of coverage purchased and in amounts of cover. I think there are two reasons for this: our shorter time in the workforce can affect our perception of our financial value inhibiting our purchasing of risk products; and women’s work can still be seen to be lacking in value, therefore not worth insuring.

These are out-moded attitudes that need to be dispatched. We are now better educated, working in more highly paid professional jobs than before, more often the financial decision-makers in the household, and often responsible for our parents’ and children’s financial security. Security for ourselves and our families can be lost without proper risk management. None of us like paying insurance premiums, myself included; it is, however, an essential tool in planning your financial life.

I can assist in the following areas:

Life Insurance
Income Protection
Health Insurance
Trauma or Critical Care Insurance.
Business Overheads
Key Person
Mortgage Protection


Everyone wants to retire with enough funds to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. It is probably the biggest investment many of us will make, apart from the purchase of a home.

The Retirement Commission have calculated that a couple in retirement require an after-tax annual income of around $25,000 to cover basic living costs. National Super for a couple is currently $19,623. If you are single and living alone the Superannuation benefit is currently $12,755. Around nine out of every ten women aged 65 years or older received New Zealand Superannuation. Nearly half had no other source of income. In total, 42.7 per cent of all women aged 65 years or older were solely reliant on the government. Clearly National Super will not be enough to provide more than the basics during retirement.

More statistics. The Equal Worth (1999) research conducted in Australia and New Zealand found that overall, women in Australia and New Zealand have mean wealth holdings that amount to only about 85 per cent those of men. In addition we can expect to live nearly 25 per cent longer than men. If we transpose that expectation into requirements at retirement we need 25 per cent more in assets, not two-thirds less.

Consider this: to receive an annual income of $20,000 for a period of 20 years while consuming all capital over that period you would require $250,000.

Whether you are saving to fund your entire retirement or simply saving to supplement income from other sources, the message is the same…the earlier you start, the easier it is.

Extreme Financial Makeovers

Over the last three years Eugenie Cotter, a 47 year old sales manager has attended three seminars on investing, has read eight personal finance books and has had countless conversations with her husband Harry about what to do with their portfolio. And yet despite her newfound knowledge and concern the couples retirement savings are way out of whack. A full 90% of their money is with just two managers. So much for diversification.

Which brings us to one retirement lesson most of us need to learn and learn again. When it comes to saving for retirement its not so much what you know but rather what you do with what you know.

Retirement planning is an action sport. Your portfolio requires hands on, disciplined, and very regular maintenance to grow as its supposed to.

The problem is that most people are either paralysed by the sheer number of options available or too intimidated by the market to engage. A recent survey indicates that only one in six investors have made a change in their portfolio over the last year. The prevailing phenomenon is inertia. One solution is to have someone else to make the tough decisions for us.

But remember, as any stylist will tell you, no makeover is complete without a little maintenance - diversify and review.

Contact me to discuss your existing retirement portfolio, insurance or to start a saving plan by calling 0800 64 MONEY (0800 646 6639) or email sheryl@strategies.co.nz.