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Girls Just Want to Have Fund$


DO WOMEN HAVE DIFFERENT financial goals from men? Generally speaking the answer is no. However, women do have different life patterns and these greatly affect our ability to save or invest and, importantly, our ability to take risks. Sheryl Sutherland has been a financial advisor for New Zealand women for over twenty years. In Girls Just Want to Have Fund$, she helps the reader move towards creating a financial plan for life.

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* ISBN : 9781877361135
* PUBLISHER : Longacre Press
* IMPRINT : Longacre Press
* PUBLICATION DATE : September 2005
* DIMENSIONS : 210mm X 140mm
* PRODUCED IN : New Zealand
* PRODUCT TYPE : books
* PAGES : 160pp
* BIND : Paperback
* AUTHOR : Sheryl Sutherland

Her style is relaxed and pitched at ‘every woman’. Working through ‘money myths’, the author helps the reader identify her own goals and values. Sutherland uses case studies, exercises, quizzes and questions to encourage readers to think about their own personal financial situation and in turn moves them towards savings and investments. Financial terms are explained in plain English. And the text is littered throughout with pithy and humorous statements, and bold money facts. She discusses partnerships and money, tips for compromise, and commandments for every woman. There’s a chapter on the Art of Investing which explains growth and income, risk and return, liquidity and more; another on tactics for lifting the debt burden; legal issues are covered as well as financial advisors, retirement, mortgages, monitoring portfolios and estate protection.

‘Money isn’t everything … but it ranks up there with oxygen.’
Rita Davenport


Money, Money, Money Ain't it Funny - by Sheryl Sutherland at the low price of $25.50 + GST (RRP $29.99) click the buy now button

Smart Money - by Sheryl Sutherland and Martz Witty: at the low price of $25.50 + GST (RRP $29.99) click the buy now button.




Carmel Fisher
Fisher Funds Management

“I meet many women investors who tell me they want practical, non-technical information to get them started in their savings and investment plans. Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ is an easy-to-read introduction to personal finance, and could be just the catalyst you need to get started.”

Suzy Aiken
Prime TV Newsreader

“If you don’t know where you are going, it’s nigh on impossible to plan your future. This applies to many aspects of life and most certainly to your financial situation. Contained within: the keys to your financial empowerment. Sheryl manages to get the right balance of attitude and gentle prodding to push you in the right direction. Knowledge is power, so turn the page and get going.”

Jenny Phillips
Best-selling author of Business Energy and Your New Millenium

“This book gives everyone the opportunity to sit down with Sheryl Sutherland and receive an afternoon of financial wit and wisdom. Hear why so many women have difficulties with money, and be amazed. Read, in Sheryl’s hilarious and inimitable style, just what you can do about it.”

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