J Polaschek

“I like most, are very quick to complain about a service but do not take the time to complement good service. I would like to take the opportunity to do the latter.

After reading Sheryl’s book, Girls Just Want to Have Fund$, I decided I would look further into investing the money I had sitting in a savings account. I found Sheryl very easy to talk with and could tell straight away the experience and knowledge she had. I felt reassured that my needs were being tailored to and was not pressured in to any decisions I was not completely comfortable with.

I’ve heard of people making their fortune from investment returns and was advised that investments make both gains and losses so was happily surprised when my investments gained returns within the first 7 days. I have since seen good first quarter gains in all my investments.

I would whole heartedly recommend speaking with Sheryl to all women looking at investing. Sheryl has set up an inviting office with big soft chairs and lovely floor rugs which added to the feeling of ease I had when making my investment decisions.”

Brisbane, Australia