About Us.

We only recommend investments and insurances that are in the best interest of clients. We have never directed clients funds towards failed finance or property companies. Most of us spend 40 years working to secure our financial future; the most important investment you can make is to purchase appropriate financial planning advice.

Sheryl Sutherland, Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), the firm’s founder and principal has been involved with the financial industry for many years. Since its inception, The Financial Strategies Group (Financial Service Provider 28246) has grown considerably reflecting the ever increasing demand for inspiring, informative and empowering advice for women, couples and SMEs. We follow a process that enables its clients to make confident and informed decisions based on facts presented clearly and concisely. Our aim is to strengthen clients’ knowledge and awareness of the various opportunities available to assist the control of future prospects with greater certainty and security.

Begin to experience the serenity that accompanies financial responsibility and integrity – Mary Hunt

What The Financial Strategies Group Offers

We offer a unique opportunity to participate in a planned and regularly monitored process that will enable your financial goals and objectives to be obtained.Whether you require ongoing income, or capital gain, business succession planning or risk monitoring, we make every effort to ensure your return is measured with the level of risk or security you, as a client, require.

Understandable Information

All information is communicated to clients in jargon free, easy to understand fashion.

Ongoing Service

Our clients receive ongoing reviews, reports and portfolio monitoring. We have a regularly updated website and regular newsletters. Our carefully selected product suppliers provide excellent ongoing service in association with us.

Confidential Communications

We communicate clearly and regularly. All discussions are held in absolute confidence. We consult with other professional advisors such as lawyers and accountants on your behalf if you so request. All recommendations are in writing.

Do it yourself, or a Financial Adviser?

We feel DIY is achievable – planning is not rocket science. It is not so much what you know but what you do with what you know

Consider the following:

  • Time – you need to set apart time to write your plan and implement it. You then need to take time to monitor, reevaluate and make any necessary changes.
  • Quality – will the quality of your plan equal that which has been prepared by an educated and experienced planner.
  • Research – Which investments should you have? Which insurances? How should your asset allocation be structured?
  • Complexity – Do you need a mentor to stop you from doing stupid things like investing or cashing up at the wrong time?

At The Financial Strategies Group we offer the above four characteristics imperative in a financial advisory practice – TIME, QUALITY, RESEARCH AND MENTORING. Take advantage of the FREE first half hour consultation that we offer by calling 0800 64 MONEY or email admin@strategies.co.nz.

In our time and culture, the battlefield of life is money – Jacob Needleman