CG “Many thanks for the sound guidance you have given over the years trebling my initial investment. I have more than achieved my original goal thanks to you!” Christchurch

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S & C Dickel

S & C Dickel "Sheryl was introduced to me at a University of Otago staff in service in 1992. She impressed me as a person who knew where she was going and how she was going to get there. I knew instantly that I could trust her with our future. Carl and I met her for a consultation and a sort out of our insurances and investments. Carl at that time was a [...]

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R Waddams

R Waddams "I have been a client of Sheryl Sutherland's for a number of years now - started off small and tentatively but with Sheryl's encouragement, my savings and confidence grew rapidly. As well, I also received an education about investments with her warm friendly style - couple this with a steely approach to the best deals, and you have a winner. I highly recommend Women's Financial Strategies to anyone who is looking [...]

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J Polaschek

J Polaschek "I like most, are very quick to complain about a service but do not take the time to complement good service. I would like to take the opportunity to do the latter. After reading Sheryl’s book, Girls Just Want to Have Fund$, I decided I would look further into investing the money I had sitting in a savings account. I found Sheryl very easy to talk with and could tell straight [...]

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J Banks

J Banks "Sheryl gave me total confidence from the moment I walked through her door, despite the fact that I had literally no money or future plans at that time. I had recently read about her in both a newspaper and magazine article and had the impression she genuinely cared about women. I was extremely vulnerable and desperate for good advice at that time of my life. Her empathetic attitude, obvious expertise and [...]

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Jennifer A. Henderson

Jennifer A. Henderson "We all know about the need to save money but to take the initial step of actioning this can be easy to put aside as daily tasks take over. We all seek professional advice for many parts of our life but often find it not an option when managing our money for financial security later in life. A financial advisor who had qualifications was my choice. After reading the regular [...]

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L Williamson

L Williamson "After experiencing a marriage break up ten years ago, I found myself needing some good sensible financial advice. Sheryl was fortunately recommended to me and immediately had me look at my budget needs-immediate and future money requirements. I have found Sheryl to have an extensive knowledge of the markets and possess a passion in an industry which she seems to find incredibly exciting. If you, like me, find the finance world [...]

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