Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Financial Strategies Group (FSG) takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. We fully comply with the Privacy Act 2020 and do not disclosure your information to other parties without your permission.

As an investor, it is important that I have a full and complete understanding of your financial position, investment goals and objectives. This is to ensure that my advice is suitable and will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

How we collect, use and share your information

In order to prepare your investment plan, I will require certain personal and financial information from you. Any information gathered for this service and used in any associated advice reports is personal and will be kept confidential and secure.

The Privacy Act 2020 gives you the right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information.

Information provided by you or your authorised representative, will be used by me and any members of my staff for the purpose of providing advice to you and may also be used by:

  • The Financial Markets Authority and other government regulatory or law enforcing agencies.
  • Our external compliance service providers who may need access to such information; and
  • Other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, other financial advisers we may refer you to, when such services are required to complement this advice and as requested by you.

Privacy Act Notice

In the course of providing services, the financial adviser will need to collect certain personal information about the client. The client authorises the disclosure by the financial adviser of any such information to other persons who need to know such information in order to provide the agreed services.

The client acknowledges that as part of ensuring that the financial adviser maintains industry best practice standards, the financial adviser’s records and procedures, including the client’s files will or may be subject to an annual compliance review performed by external reviewers or their authorised representatives. Additionally, the client’s files may be reviewed by the Financial Markets Authority and/or other regulatory bodies for the purposes of ensuring the financial adviser’s compliance with applicable legislation.

The client acknowledges it has the right to access and correct the information about the client, collected and retained by the financial adviser.

Keeping your information and investments secure

Your information will be held by us at our business address provided earlier in this document. Client information must be held for a minimum of seven years after the advice has been given.

We take reasonable steps to protect your data such as using secure cloud-based data storage systems, anti-virus software, regular data back-ups and, where practicable, two factor authentication.

We use the ANZ’s OneAnswer Portfolio Service as our preferred investment platform. This will enable you to log in and view your investment performance at any time and confirm that your assets are independently held and secure.

Version 1.0 – September 2023